Summer School and Conference on Modern Mathematical Physics

9 - 19 September 2012, Belgrade, Serbia

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Lectures, reports and short talks

Naruhiko Aizawa Some representations of planar Galilean conformal algebra (slides)
Irina Arefeva Holographic description of heavy-ions collisions (slides 1, slides 2, slides 3)
Loriano Bonora Prospects in string theory (slides)
Dusko Borka Orbital precession in R^n gravity: simulations vs observations (slides)
Lars Brink Counterterms in gravity and N=8 supergravity
Maja Buric Renormalizability of a noncommutative gauge theory (slides)
Alexander Burinskii Kerr-Newman Gravity beyond Quantum Theory: Electron as a closed heterotic string (slides)
Chryssomalis Chryssomalakos Operational geometry on de Sitter spacetime
Radu Constantinescu New symmetries and particular solutions for the 2D Black-Sholtes equation (slides)
Branislav Cvetkovic Massive 3D gravity with propagating torsion (slides)
Ljubica Davidovic Nontrivial Kalb-Ramond field of the effective nongeometric background (slides)
Marija Dimitrijevic AdS-inspired noncommutative gravity (slides)
Goran Djordjevic Analytical and numerical aspects of tachyonic inflation (slides)
Vladimir Dobrev Invariant differential operators for noncompact Lie groups (abstract, slides)
Alexandre Gavrilik New applications of quasi-Fibonacci deformed oscillators
Tetiana Gerasimova A complete unitary similarity invariant for unicellular matrices (slides)
Alexey Golovnev Hamiltonian analysis of non-linear massive gravity (slides)
Predrag Jovanovic Strong gravity and relativistic accretion disks around supermassive black holes (slides)
Yuri Karadzhov Exactly integrable Schrodinger equations (slides)
Mirza Kerimov Mellin representation of conformal correlation functions in the AdS/CFT correspondence (slides)
Takeo Kojima Bosonizations and vertex operator of superalgebra $U_q(\hat{sl}(N|1))$ and $U_{q,p}(\hat{sl}(N|1))$ for an arbitrary level $k$ (slides)
Alexey Koshelev Non-local gravity: exact solutions and their signatures in the observational data
Oksana Kuriksha Invariant solutions for equations of axion electrodynamics (slides)
Andrey Makarenko Multiple $\Lambda$ CDM cosmology with string landscape features and future singularities (slides)
Aleksandar Mikovic Poincare 2-group state-sum models of quantum gravity (slides)
Leonardo Modesto Super-renormalizable multidimensional quantum gravity (abstract)
Hassan Naraghi Unitary operators and symmetry transformations for quantum theory (slides)
Nikolay Nikolov Operadic structure of renormalization
Emil Nissimov Tube-like wormholes and charge confinement (slides)
Sergei Odintsov Little Rip and dark energy modified gravity (slides)
Konstantin Osetrin Space-time models with dust and cosmological constant (slides)
Gabriel Pascu Aspects of quantum field theory on de Sitter spacetime (slides)
Matej Pavsic On geometric spinors and their transformation properties (slides)
Dimitri Polyakov Higher spins, holography and string theory (abstract, slides)
Todor Popov Parastatistics and homotopy algebras (slides)
Simona Pretorian On noncommutative corrections in a de Sitter gauge theory of gravity (slides)
Igor Salom Particle content of models with parabose spacetime symmetry (slides)
Branislav Sazdovic T-duality in coordinate dependent background (slides)
Dmitry Shirkov Actual divergence of the pQCD asymptotic series in the IR and possible remedy (slides 1, slides 2, slides 3)
Yurii Sitenko Vacuum polarization effects in the background of codimension-2 branes (slides)
Fumihiko Sugino A double-well SUSY matrix model for 2D type IIA superstrings in RR background (slides)
Michal Szczachor Gauged (super)-AdS-Maxwell algebra and (super)-gravity (slides)
Francesco Toppan Critical scaling dimension for D-module reps of N=4,5,7 superconformal algebras and constraints on superconformal mechanics (abstract, slides)
Hiroshi Umetsu Explicit formulas for noncommutative deformations of CP^N and CH^N (slides)
Olena Vaneeva Group classification of equations of mathematical physics (slides)
Marko Vojinovic Poincaré 2-group formulation of general relativity (slides)
Alexander Zakharov The black hole at the galactic center (slides)